New Single – Ready To Unite (Lion Paw)

Ready to unite? Put up yuh Lion Paw!! (new unity anthem)
Neepz and Najashi deliver another uplifting and emboldening message for di people, with their fyah follow up to the hot single “Surround Dem” in this NEW release “READY TO UNITE (LION PAW). A “must listen” to feel di inspiration.
Lyric snippet – Chorus
Reggae music loud, Universal flow.
Telling you the truth, unfiltered raw.
Everyone positive across the globe.
Let’s all see yuh Lion Paw (reload)
Ready to unite, ready to live in love.
They try to distract, they try to keep us down.
Everyone positive across the globe (worldwide)
Put up yuh Lion Paw. We appreciate your support and would like to say “THANK YOU” to all who treat their fellow mankind with respect and kindness. One Love is a Worldwide Thing. Peace In!

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