Music review for Feelin Fine

Dread Daze releases the new single « Feelin Fine », their newest and unreleased work. His last works were « Shy » and « Protection ».

With a reggae and rap style in the same single, they take us along in the track, in a smooth and involving way, they impress in the beats and a melodic touch that deepens us and hallucinates the listener in the song.

« Feelin Fine » brings in its music video scenarios that show things that make people feel good, like love, mother and daughter, places that are beautiful and among others.

The track starts with a nice intro to listen to, upbeat beats and a twisted touch, absolutely incredible the vibe. The vocal comes in, sings with a faster rhyme, in the best rap style.

Come and listen to this perfect marriage in this sensational reggae rap.

Listen here:

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